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My family and I run Woods Village Shop in the lovely village of Colaton Raleigh in Devon.

Where most ideas come from the eureka moment for Woodsy’s Cider started as a drunken idea over the pub talking about making Perry of all things and how the little Devon village of Colaton Raleigh used to produce its own cider many years ago for the towns people.

The next day I went out to find some pears not realising how hard this was going to be in August, the right pears anyway.

I got offered some pears if I cleared the trees so I spent all day clearing pear trees, this was not good fun at all.

I took the pears to a local apple farm where they pressed them for me, later I got a phone call from the farm

“where do you want us to put your 100ltrs of pear juice” 100ltrs! I spent all day picking those dam pears for 100ltrs.

This was no good for me or my new business venture.

So I started talks with our local apple farm buying different blended juice from them “much easier”.

I started small but was losing money because when you rack cider off i.e. clean the cider after fermentation is done there is so much waste. I had to make a decision, Invest thousands of pounds to go bigger or forget it.

So I invested a lot of money, no I mean a lot of money! I started going to visit other cider producers asking questions, gaining more and more knowledge all the time. So many different ciders so many different blends all tasting a little different from the next. What a great experience in cider making and in life itself, I WAS HOOKED. We are now producing our own take on many different blends of cider and as natural as we can get it.

Every year experimenting on something different and something new!

Come and see us, tasting is available


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